Graco TexSpray Mark V HD 3-in-1 Standard Series Electric Airless Sprayer, Hi-Boy 17E605

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Looking to speed up your painting projects? The Graco TexSpray Mark V HD 3-in-1 Standard Series Electric Airless Sprayer might just be what you need. With a higher flow rate than its predecessor, the Mark IV HD, this sprayer can handle all texture finishes as well as a wide range of primers and paints. The upgraded Heavy-Duty Texture Gun can accommodate a larger tip size, so you can achieve all textures faster.

But that's not all - the Mark V HD is also built for durability and performance. With the capability to handle the widest range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths, and heavier coatings, this sprayer is perfect for any painting project. Plus, the fun and professional tone of voice makes it easy to get excited about your next painting project!

✔️ 9 Free RAC X LTX Tips ($720 Value) or 7 WideRac Tips ($616 Value) or Air Atomizer Kit ($743 Value) Manufacturer Mail-in-Rebate.
✔️ 3-Year Warranty, Lifetime Motor and Lifetime Drive Train
✔️ 30-Day Replacement Guarantee*

⭐ Complete With Heavy-Duty Blue Texture Gun and 3/8" x 50ft Hose 
⭐ Endurance Chromex Piston Pump
⭐ SmartControl 4.0
⭐ FastFlush 2 System
⭐ Precision Advantage Drive
⭐ Worry-Free MaxPower Brushless Motor
⭐ Oil-Based Coatings, Enamels, Latex, Block-Fillers, Elastomerics, Epoxies, Drywall Mud, and Other High-Build Materials
⭐ Medium to Large Residential and Commercial Interiors and Exteriors

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✔️ Graco CED Warranty Information
✔️ Graco Texture Sprayers Brochure

 30 Day Just Add Paint Replacement Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied, you can return your sprayer to us within 30 days of the purchase date and either exchange the product for an identical sprayer or trade up to a larger Graco sprayer for an extra cost. We simply order the replacement sprayer from Graco and complete a warranty claim for credit for the original sprayer.

• The claim date must be no more than 60 days beyond the purchase date for return authorization.
• Sprayers must be received back at Graco within 30 days from the claim date.
• Return freight is not covered
• Handheld plug-in model (AC) sprayers are not eligible for the 30-day replacement guarantee.
• Products with a 1-year warranty are not eligible for the 30-day replacement guarantee (except for battery-operated handheld sprayers).

What's Included

1 - Heavy-Duty Blue Texture Gun
1 - RAC X LTX 427 Spray Tip + 1 RAC X LTX 531 Spray Tip
1 - RAC X Guard
1 - 3/8" x 50 ft BlueMax II Airless Hose + 1 - 1/4" x 3 ft BlueMax II Airless Whip Hose

  • Endurance Chromex Piston Pump
    • The most reliable pump
    • Lasts 2X longer than the next leading brand
    • Long life ceramic and stainless steel balls included for maximum versatility
    • Faster cleaning with the QuikAccess intake foot valve
  • MaxFlo 2 with Pack-Out Protection
    • Less pack-out, more productivity
    • Self-cleaning Vibra-Seal Technology eliminates material build-up
    • Continuous spraying with True Pack-Out Protection for more productivity
    • Optimized fluid passageways for the heaviest coatings
  • BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System
    • Streamline your business
    • Track every sprayer: Exact location & hourly productivity
    • Know job progress: On demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere
    • Maximize uptime: Set maintenance schedules, alerts, & jobsite notes
  • SmartControl 4.0 with ProGuard Protection System
    • Precision pressure control
    • Lowest dead band at any pressure delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation
    • Prevents electrical damage from extreme jobsite power conditions
    • WatchDog Pump Protection System automatically prevents pump damage if the material supply is too low
  • FastFlush 2 System
    • Fast cleaning now even FASTER
    • Clean the pump 6X faster using ½ the water
    • High-velocity fluid flow delivered with 60% higher motor speed
  • MaxPower DC Motor & Advantage Drive
    • Maintenance-Free Power
    • Field proven brushless design
    • The Longest Lasting Drive
    • Improved jobsite conditions with extremely quiet operation
  • WatchDog Pump Protection System
    • Prevents dry pumping damage
    • Automatically shuts pump down when if the material supply is too low
  • Easy Out Pump Filter
    • Easy Pump Maintenance & Less Clogging
    • Inside-out design means less mess with fewer tip clogs
  • Heavy-Duty Prime Valve
    • Maintenance-free high-pressure dumping capability
  • Rugged, Durable Cart Design
    • Rugged and easy-to-move
    • Withstands tough jobsite conditions while absorbing impacts and vibrations
    • Easy hose storage with integrated hose wrap and telescoping handle
    • Easy loading with built-in lift handles