Howard Complete Wood Restoration Kit, Clean, Protect, and Restore Wood Finishes, Kitchen Cabinets, Wood Furniture

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Transform your wood surfaces with the complete Howard's Wood Restoration Kit! Choose from 9 beautiful finish colors to match almost any existing shade, preserving its authenticity and value. This kit is ideal for revamping kitchen cabinets, furniture & antiques in an instant – no need for stripping or repainting - just clean and dust first then enjoy your newfound treasures. Get ready to breathe new life into all of those beloved wooden pieces you’ve been meaning to spruce up!

⭐ EASY THREE STEP PROCESS clean wood surface, restore the finish, then add Beeswax for the top coat finish. You eliminate blemishes in wood finishes and restore the original color and luster without removing any of the existing finish. Clean and polish the surface, penetrate the finish with stain, and leave the original finish intact

⭐ HOWARD ORANGE OIL is not just any Orange Oil or Cleaner, this product was developed to clean the toughest grime and years of buildup grime dirt grease built-up oils aerosols. Great orange fragrance gentle on your hands no silicone or wax no harsh orange dye

⭐ USE FEED N WAX TO TREAT AND PROTECT dry and damaged wood furniture antiques and all hardwood surfaces. Repair steam damage from coffee pots and stoves. Great for Antique Furniture Restoration