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Say Hello to the Next Level of Deck Protection with Osmo Decking Oil

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space with the ultimate wood care? Osmo Decking Oil offers the perfect blend of beauty and protection for your decking, garden furniture, and screens.

Endorse the Canadian Outdoor Living

Osmo Decking Oil is specifically formulated to meet the high demands of Canadian decking. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or an outdoor living aficionado seeking a professional-grade solution for your wood treatment needs, our product is designed to stand the test of time—ensuring that your deck remains a place of pride and beauty in your home.

Environmentally Responsible Choice

Osmo, is committed to sustainability. Osmo decking oil is composed of natural vegetable oils and organic pigments, along with essentials like siccative drying agents and water repellent additives. The dearomatized mineral white spirit in our solution is benzene-free and complies with Environment Canada VOC regulations; meaning you can trust that you're making an environmentally conscious choice.

Osmo Decking Oil Features:

Water-Repellent: Provides a robust barrier against the harshest conditions.

UV-Resistant: Keeps your deck looking fresh under the sun.

Microporous Finish: The wood can 'breathe', avoiding swelling, shrinkage, and common coat issues like cracking and flaking.

Easy Application: Simple to apply with no prior sanding or priming required.

Environment-Friendly: Safe for humans, animals, and plants when dry, and suitable for children's toys.

Durability: Very water and dirt-resistant with water beading on the surface.

Natural Look: Maintains the natural character and grain of the wood while effectively coloring pressure-treated and untreated woods.

German Quality: Crafted with the excellence of German precision, ensuring professional results every time.

Have Questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us for more information about Osmo Decking Oil.

Why Choose Osmo Decking Oil?

Simple Application: Achieve professional results effortlessly with the Osmo Decking Brush for quick application. Finish your deck in no time with a fast-drying formula perfect for weekend projects!

Will Not Peel, Crack, Flake or Blister : Advanced microporous finish that moves with the wood and allows it to breathe. Due to the penetration of natural oils into the wood, the coating will not peel, crack, flake or blister and instead will weather away over time.

Easy to Maintain: Easy to clean and renew with no sanding or pressure washing necessary using Decking Cleaner and Wood Reviver Power Gel. Simply clean the surface and apply a fresh coat once the finish becomes weathered.

Safe for Humans, Plants, and Animals: When dry, OSMO oil finishes unfil both DIN EN 71.3 (suitable for children's toys) and DIN 53160 (resistant to perspiration and saliva), making them safe for humans, animals and plants.

Wondering where to buy Osmo Decking Oil? Look no further. We guarantee a genuine Osmo product, ensuring you only get the best!

Osmo Decking Oil Spec Chart:

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

5° C (41° F) min /
35° C (95° F) max

Number of Coats Required:


Recoat Time:

12 hours

Dry Time:

12 hours


258 sq. ft./L


Colors Available:

1272 Thermowood
1273 Bangkirai Dark
1274 Mahogany
1275 Grey
1276 Rosewood
1277 Clear (No UV Protection)
1278 Bangkirai
1279 Douglas Fir
1280 Larch
1281 Garapa





Osmo Decking Oil Application Guide:


Osmo Decking Oil is a satin oil based protective finish for exterior wood. Microporous, breathable finish allowing the wood to breath and reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage. Water-repellent, extremely weather- and UV resistant. Easy to renew, no sanding or primer necessary. Easy to apply, does not dry during application. When dry, the finish is safe for humans, animals and plants and is suitable for children’s toys as per EN 71.3 (European norm) and fast to perspiration and saliva in accordance with DIN 53160 (German industrial norm).

Recommended Use:

Protects, maintains and beautifies wooden decking, garden furniture and screens made from Pine, Larch and other softwoods – also suitable for a pigmented treatment of Cedar, Garapa, Teak, Eucalyptus and other hardwoods.


Based on natural vegetable oils (sunflower-oil and soyabean-oil, iron oxide and organic pigments, siccatives (drying agents) and water-repellent additives.
Dearomatised mineral white spirit (benzene-free). Complies with Environment Canada VOC regulations (SOR/2009-264).

Surface Preparation:

To ensure that the finish can penetrate into the wood surface correctly and for maximum durability, fresh/ new, hard or oily wood (high amount of natural ingredients) must be allowed to weather after installation. Recommended weathering duration: soft/coniferous woods such as Larch or Douglas Fir, approx. 6 weeks; freshly pressure impregnated, thermo treated or tropical wood species etc., approx. 12 weeks. Use Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel to clean the wood surface and remove grey wood cells before renovating the area. Wood surface must be clean, dry and frostfree (moisture content max. 20%). Osmo Decking-Oil is ready to use – please do not thin. Stir well. Thoroughly clean or lightly sand old microporous stains or completely remove old varnishes before application. Always wear a dust mask when sanding. The finished surface is, among other things, influenced by the wood’s natural characteristics, therefore a trial application is required before finishing.

Directions for Use:

Use stiff quality brush (Osmo Brush) or a lint free cloth (e.g. for furniture) and apply thinly and evenly along wood grain on the clean and dry wood surface.
For quick and easy application we recommend using the specially made Osmo 150 mm Floor Brush, which allows you to apply the finish whilst standing.
Apply thinly and evenly. Allow for good ventilation whilst drying. Then thinly and evenly apply the 2nd coat once 1st coat has fully dried. If you would prefer a less pigmented appearance we recommend applying 1 coat of Osmo Decking-Oil and a clear 2nd coat of Osmo 1277 Decking-Oil.

Cleaning Tools:

Clean working utensils with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner (benzene-free).


Osmo 1277 clear Decking-Oil is a clear finish and therefore offers no UV-protection. Wooden profiles which are ribbed or grooved as well as old, already
weathered decks, brittle or cracked surfaces will absorb more material per square metre than smooth surfaces. Some wood species tend to wash out natural water-soluble, coloured wood ingredients.

Osmo Decking Oil Colours

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1272 Thermowood

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1276 Rosewood

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1280 Larch

Osmo Oil Stain 3543 Cognac

1273Dark Bangkirai

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1277 Clear

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1281 Garapa

Osmo Oil Stain 3564 Tobacco

1274 Mahogany

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1278 Bankiraig

Osmo Oil Stain 3590 Black

1275 Grey

Osmo Oil Stain 3541 Havanna

1279 Douglas Fir

Frequently Asked Questions:
OSMO Decking Oil

Q1. How to apply Osmo Decking Oil?

A1. Important: A pressure washer can significantly raise the moisture content beyond 20% and surfaces prepared in this manner must be allowed to dry for 2-3 weeks before applying finish.

1. If possible apply the first coat on all sides of the decking boards before installation

2. Use an Osmo 150mm Decking Brush to apply the Decking Oil thinly and evenly, along the wood grain

3. Allow 10 to 12 hours drying time, then apply a thin second coat as above. Dried surface is satin-glossy at first and afterwards is satin.

Note: The finish may also be buffed into the wood, in thin applications using a non-abrasive white pad or microfibre applicator pad.

Tip: The type and age of timber can have a dramatic impact on how much Decking-Oil you need.

As an example, softwood decking that is old will likely require more oil than a relatively new hardwood decking that still retains a fair amount of natural oil.

To test how much oil your deck needs, apply one thin coat, allow it to dry, then apply a droplet of oil in a corner. If the droplet of oil soaks into the wood then a further coat can be applied. Repeat this process until the droplet of oil sits as a bead on the surface of the wood and no longer soaks into the timber. This is an indication that the timber has absorbed as much oil as possible and doesn’t require any more.

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