Penofin TSF Satin Architectural Hardwood Stain, Supreme UV Resistance, 3.78L

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Penofin TSF Satin Architectural Hardwood Stain is a revolutionary product designed to provide superior protection, while preserving the beautiful look of hardwood. Its advanced technology utilizes an innovative blend of natural oils and alkyd-urethane hybrid resin technology, combined with polymerized silicone for superior surface and internal water repellency. With the addition of its multi-phase UV protection package composed of high grade transoxide pigments, Nano-technology UV blockers and UV photo-light stabilizers, you can enjoy supreme level UV resistance for up to five years. Penofin TSF Satin Architectural Hardwood Stain goes beyond traditional deck staining options - it not only preserves your hardwoods' natural beauty and prevents premature fading from sun exposure, but it also provides a breathable moisture barrier that helps ensure underlying wood remains healthy. So if you're looking for a product that will protect your hardwoods while maintaining their rich appearance, look no further than Penofin TSF Satin Architectural Hardwood Stain.
⭐ Platinum level UV resistance Easy to maintain: Does not flake, peel or chip over time.
⭐ Durable yet flexible alkyd-urethane hybrid technology
⭐ Deep penetrating modified natural oils combined with advanced waterborne delivery system for maximum penetration and natural beauty
⭐ Water repellent yet breathable formulation
⭐ Easy reapplication: No need to sand or chemically strip before re-coating.
⭐ Easy soap and water clean up
⭐ Low VOC (<100 g/L)