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Sico ProLuxe Exterior Wood Finishes

Discover the Beauty of Wood with Sico ProLuxe Exterior Wood Finishes

Transform your home’s exterior with the clarity and protection of Sico ProLuxe—the choice of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Previously known as SIKKENS, offer the same trusted quality under a new name, bringing life and longevity to your outdoor wood features.


Sico Pro Luxe Formally Sikkens - The Paint People

Why Choose Sico ProLuxe (formally SIKKENS) Exterior Wood Finishes?

A Spectrum of Choices

Whether you love the nuanced beauty of translucent stains or the bold statement of solid colors, Sico ProLuxe's extensive range satisfies all tastes and project needs.

Robust Protection

From scorching sun to biting frost, Sico ProLuxe exterior finishes are specifically formulated to withstand the elements, providing lasting protection for your decking, siding, and furniture.



Unmatched Clarity & Beauty

Sico ProLuxe's advanced, ultra-fine transoxide pigments ensure that the natural beauty of your wood shines through with exceptional clarity.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our expert advice to help you choose the perfect Sico ProLuxe wood stain for your project!

Sico ProLuxe (formally SIKKENS) Products

Sico Pro Luxe Front Door - The Paint People

Translucent Finishes

For those who want to highlight the natural grain and texture of their wood surfaces, Sico ProLuxe translucent finishes are the perfect match.

Sico ProLuxe Stained Deck - The Paint People

Rich Colour Consistency

Anti-settling agents ensure consistent formula quality for long-lasting rich colors.

Sico Pro Luxe Rubbol Solid Stain Deck - The Paint People

Solid Colour Stains

Achieve a sleek, opaque look with Sico ProLuxe solid color stains, providing a uniform finish that stands out.

Who We Serve

  • Homeowners: Add elegance and resilience to your prized outdoor living spaces.
  • Professional Painters: Deliver superior results to your clients with Sico Pro Luxe finishes crafted for excellence.
  • DIY Enthusiasts: Bring your woodworking projects to life with Sico Pro Luxe easy-to-apply stains and finishes.

Experience Sico ProLuxe Today

Join the ranks of those who know that an exceptional exterior finish begins with the finest ingredients. Explore our collection and find the perfect Sico ProLuxe product for your next venture.

Ready to Protect and Beautify Your Wood Surfaces?

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