Fuji Spray 5100 Series Air Cap Sets For T-Series Spray Gun

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For Fuji Spray T-Series spray gun only - does not fit older Fuji Spray guns.

Genuine Fuji Spray air cap set.

Air Cap Selection

5100-1 0.8mm - Use for spraying dyes/ink, shellac & stain.
5100-2 1.0mm - Use for spraying shellac, stain, sanding sealer & bathtub coatings.
5100-3 1.3mm - Use for spraying sanding sealer, clear lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, bathtub coatings.
5100-4 1.5mm - Use for spraying polyurethane & pigmented lacquer.
5100-5 1.8mm - Use for spraying pigmented lacquer, oil based paint & primer.
5100-6 2.0mm - Use for spraying waterborne paint & primer
5100-7 2.5mm - Use for spraying Multi-fleck finishes